Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology Vedic Astrology is part of the ancient scriptural texts of India which is known as Vedas. Vedas are called as the source of knowledge and Astrology has been considered as the eyes of Vedas among its six main parts. The origin of word Vedic has been taken from ‘Veda’ which is a Sanskrit word and signifies towards a broader aspect of knowledge covering each and every area related to human life. Presently, Vedic astrology has been acknowledged as the most powerful as well as practiced astrology worldwide.

The role of Vedic astrology is certainly not discouraging the person from bearing their responsibilities but make them aware about upcoming events which can be further used for taking better decisions and making life better in many aspects. Readings of Vedic Astrology adopt ‘Law Of Karma’ which means an individual lives and works within certain parameters which comes from the deeds done in prior births and provides astrological predictions.

It is said that planets keep revolving continuously in the universe and emit certain energies which influence the life of individual. On the basis of birth details of individuals, which include time, place and date of birth, Vedic astrology draws a natal chart which has been used to understand the position of different planets upon any individual. It gives an overview of a person’s karmic tendencies which is bestowed upon them by the nine planets.

People all across the globe believe in it and they see it as a tool to make them aware about the upcoming challenges and opportunities. The prior knowledge has been taken as a powerful tool with the help of which taking decisions becomes easier. For personal and professional life, year and month wise predictions, astrological compatibility and many more; Vedic astrology provides its deep insight upon them.

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