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Happy Married Life

Happy Married Life Unhappy married life can spoil two lives. Daily quarrels and conflicts may even leads to divorce. Both the partners want peace and adjustment but due to certain reasons, it does not happen and life becomes hellish. For such couples, Pt.K.S Paras has prescribed remedies after intensive research. He has provided remedies to such persons who are fed up with such kind of life.

Sometimes by donating a particular item or object one can make his Happy married Life. Likewise, donating something without knowing its good or bad effects may create obstacles in leading a Happy married life. To improve the relation between the two, we has advised what to donate and what not. Each colour has its own rays and effect which affects our body and mind. We also advised which colours of clothes are to wear and which should be avoided.

By wearing specific colored clothes, one can make his or her life happy and lively. We also advised which color one should not wear to redress the relation. In addition to it, there may be other factors which are creating obstacles in leading a happy married life. We have also looked into all other aspects of not leading a Happy married Life and accordingly have given remedies for that. Sometimes our ancestral debts may also be responsible for not leading a happy married life. If such is the case, we prescribed the remedies to live your life happily by getting rid of your ancestral debt. After performing the remedies, one can make his life happy and joyous.

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