Gemstones Gemstones are useful for our health, longevity, name, fortunes and prosperity. They are used for different effects on different people. Certain gem stones are known to have cured people of some dreaded diseases. There are so many gemstones, but only nine gem stones are considered as ‘Precious Gems’. These are called the ‘Nav Ratnas’. They are identified as Ruby, Diamond, Emerald, Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Gomeda, Pearl, Cat’s eye and Coral. They are a manifestation of vibrancy, light and color, life, textures, transparency and clarity. Each gem, tuned to a particular ray, has a special role to play. They emit vibrations and frequencies which have strong potential influence on our whole being. They activate our abilities, soothe and comfort, heal and balance through the purity of their rays :

Ruby : Gemstones Ruby is the stone of the sun, and protects those who wear it, from the harmful effects of Sun.Ruby is found in red color, and in rose color. It gives intelligence and knowledge.It bestows mental peace, success in politics and educational fields, gains of land and property, comfort of conveyances. It protects ill-health and enemies, bring success in administrative fields, freedom, from troubles, debts and diseases. It ensures long life, and cures heart diseases. It gives a general sense of well being throughout.

Pearl : Gemstones Pearls are available in many colors, but of all, white and red colored pearls are the best. Round pearls are superior.Wearing pearl helps the native get freedom from mental disturbances, happiness from mother, success in educational fields, gain of land and house property and conveyances. It ensures good health and long life. It improves finance. It brings success in career, and removes evil effects of bad spirits. It drives away bad luck and ensures good luck. Pearl cures many diseases like mental disorder, asthma, cough, eye trouble, breathing troubles, and lung disorder.

Yellow Sapphire : Gemstones Yellow sapphire is available in light yellow or golden color. It should be heavy, transparent and glittering. Yellow sapphire will make one intellectual, charitable, religiously inclined and respectable towards elders. It ensures wealth, honor, name and fame. It also acts as a protective charm ensuring comforts in life.

Emerald : Gemstones Emerald is a beautiful velvet green color stone. It helps in acquiring wealth, intelligence and good fortune. It also bestows good health, longevity, domestic happiness, and smooth and obstruction free life. It brings advancements in profession, name, fame and honor. It drives away evil spirits. Creative imagination, prosperity, protection, love and fertility are increased by Emerald crystal.

Diamond : Gemstones Diamonds are white, blue, red and black color stones. It ensures longevity, and advancement in life. It can bless the native with children, happiness, intelligence, name, fame and good fortune. It ensures abundant wealth, and success in all ventures. It cures the diseases of kidney and reproductive organs. It drives away evil spirits, and bad effects of evil eyes. It ensures happy married life, conveyance, etc.

Red Coral : GemstonesRed Coral, as its name suggests, is generally of red color. It may even be of orange red color. It bestows good health, longevity, courage, name, fame and happiness. It would also help gain wealth. It cures mental and physical diseases. Its use also helps in removing impediments that could be delaying one's marriage. Women, who suffered from miscarriages, should wear this for successful delivery.

Blue Sapphire : Gemstones Blue Sapphire is available in dark, ordinary or light blue colors. It is ruled by Saturn. It is also believed that it gives beneficial results. It bestows good health, and success in all ventures. It also ensures success in politics. It alleviates depression by helping the body correctly regulate the chemicals that affect moods.

Gomeda's : Gemstones Gomedas color is like red colored smoke. The Ceylon Gomeda is of honey color. It bestows good health, win over enemies, and bring wealth and prosperity to its owner. It cures skin diseases, gives knowledge,and intelligence. It promotes good education, and ensures improvement in the profession. One gets quite active by wearing Gomeda, and gets promotion in the service. It can give unexpected wealth to its wearer. It bestows a very happy life, and the enmity of relatives disappears. It gives peace of mind and ensures sound sleep.

Cat's Eye : It is yellowish or blackish in color. It has a shining band which moves when the stone is turned. It is a quick action gem and restores lost wealth. Poverty and diseases vanish. It grants philosophical disposition and activity of the mind. it helps to become calm. It ensures the welfare of children. It also protects from accidents and skin diseases. It has long been touted as a health and beauty aid.

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