About Astrologer K.S Paras

About Astrologer K.S Paras Saraswati Jyotish Centre is organized or owned by Mr. K.S Paras. He is attached with so many saints of different religions from his childhood.

His parents gave him good moral values and always suggest him to serve the saints and needy people and to adopt the teaching of saints and religious Grantha's like, Ramayan, Geeta and Guru Granth Sahib. A part of these Astrology gives him right direction to change himself.

After the knowledge of Astrology and with blessing of the God, he is able to understand his duties in this birth and how we can change our life, our soul karma's and our materialistic world.

Now he is giving right direction to majority of people according to Astrology and Vaastu for health, wealth, property, progeny, enemies, married life, luck, karma's, professions, gains foreign travels, settlement, medical astrology and many more.

His motto is to be provide health, happiness and harmony to every body. Friends, this is just the beginning of a great journey of discovery.

We are obliged to help you understand in details what this entire universe has in store for you. Through our expert consultation you not only get to know about your destiny, but our experts also helps you in working out ways and means to mend what you can by following their advice.

A true doctor doesn't just tell you what you're suffering from but also prescribes you medicine to cure the same.

We here at Saraswati Jyotish Centre are waiting to hear from you again and help you to shape your destiny.

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